What Are Some Basic Principles of Christian Dating?

Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2020

Dating or courting for Christian Singles has turned out to be elaborate with unwritten rules that need to be followed, no matter what the circumstances are. It is the duty of the guy to ask the girl’s father first and later must ask the girl. The girl must say ‘yes’ and that is when the couple can officially start seeing each other. And if within the period of the next 6-8 months, things go well then, the couple may or may not be allowed to spend time together or even hold hands. 

The man can ask the girl to marry him only when he has established financial stability in his career. Though, he must first ask her father for permission and it is necessary that both the families get involved in the whole process from the commencement until the end. 

A thing like dating, even if started out through Christian dating sites can be made a whole lot simpler by simply abiding to some clear-cut principles that are spelled out in the holy scripture. 

These principles are as follows:

Christian Pursue Jesus Above All

This is the most important principle that must be looked upon and should govern every relationship. Jesus above all simply means to love Jesus first, seeking him and obeying his commands above everything else. Once this idea is set, all the other details go on falling into place. 

God’s Wisdom is Most Important 

While considering dating, the most important thing needed is God's wisdom. There are many queries that are not clearly addressed in the Scripture and due to this reason, we need wisdom. Many of the things that couples do, such as hanging out at night might not particularly be sinful but at the same time, would not be considered the wisest thing too. 

Even while considering Christian dating sites for marriages, there are several things that need to be considered, such as the financial stability, whether the parents are Christian or and many other such principles. 

Christians Pursue Absolute Purity

This principle is considered to be the toughest one. This principle stands for absolute purity and talking about premarital sex is absolutely out of bounds. There are many things such as holding hands, that might be tempting for some but not for the rest, this is when wisdom is required desperately. The couple need to pursue purity while dating and be careful about laying out stricter and absolute rules. Find Indian for dating with perfect matching life partner.

Christians Value Community

This principle technically applies to all dating couples and since we are a part of God's family, we allow believers to speak into our lives. All the dating couples are allowed to open their lives up to the believers. 

Thus, Christian dating is all about wisdom, pursuing Jesus, the community and absolute purity. These biblical principles might look different in every relationship but simply committing to these principles will provide stability in the dating lives of every Christian couple in the long run. 

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