What are the Fundamental Principles of Christianity?  

Posted on Thursday, January 30, 2020

Many of the Christian singles today find dating a bit too tiring and frustrating mainly due to the lack of direction towards their dating scene. Another reason is that many of them have the view that the Bible is not of significant relevance when it comes to dating. 

Though it is true that the Bible does not provide you with a step-by-step guide towards dating tutorials but the Scripture does address powerful stories that shed light on the current dating scenario. It also provides the youth with timeless principles that tend to apply even today and are helpful to a larger extent. 

So, in this regard given below are some of the popular principles of Christianity and how they can help people in establishing a successful relationship.  

Spiritual Unity 

May it be finding a partner on different Christian dating sites for Marriages or otherwise, the most common mistake that many Christian singles make is dating the non-believers. Many of the desperate singles search for their soulmate and in a hurry, tend to settle for compromise while they get tired of searching for their special “one”. As for the Bible, it clearly mentions that the believers should not date or marry someone who is not a Christ follower. 

The best thing for you is to not waste any of your precious time in thinking about whether it’s right or wrong since God has already given his word. You must marry or date only a believer if you want your relationship to be showered with God’s blessings. 

Sexual Purity 

Currently, the situation has been such that we live in a society that is basically sexually saturated. The openness about the discussion of the topic of sex lives has still not been able to satisfy the people with the end results. 

As per the Scripture, the best way to fight the fire of lust and pleasure is to fight with the fire of God’s pleasure. Even if you try to fight the fire of lust with mere threats and prohibition, it will still turn out to be a failure. Therefore, we need to fight it out with a massive superior promise of happiness. 

Rock – Solid Character 

A large part of the success of any relationship comes with the ability of your other half to take up the responsibility and follow through on the commitments that come with a relationship. This is only possible when the person has a rock-solid character. While a person with a weak character will find it difficult to endure hard times.

Value of Time 

Many of the couples these days hurry up to get hitched as soon as possible. While it’s true that you do not need to spend years dating the person you met on some Christian dating site before marriage. But it’s always beneficial to take your time while dealing with such delicate situations. This will definitely turn out to be helpful in the long run and would make the relationship stronger and better. Find Punjabi for dating with perfect matching life partner.

Some Final Words

Dating might seem fun but always remember that it is certainly a serious business. Both your lives depends on the decision made and therefore, you need to take proper time to come to a decision before you hurry towards tying the knot. 

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